First child: how to use the payday loan to prepare?

The birth of the first child brings such joy that only those who experience this unique event can describe it.

Having sufficient financial resources at this stage provides the family with the means to purchase all the items that are needed, making the occasion even more special.

So, if you are already waiting – or thinking about having – your first child, understand now how the can help you to organize yourself financially, cover the main expenses and make the most of this phase. Follow!

Preparations before the arrival of the first child

Preparations before the arrival of the first child

The moment before the baby comes is filled with good expectations and also with responsibilities. See some of them:

The layette preparation can start at any time, but the ideal is even from the third month, when the baby’s most fragile phase has passed and the mother still has good mobility and disposition.

The items that need to be purchased for the layette are various clothes, baby strollers and accessories for walking, hygiene and food items and medicines.

Baby shower (or diaper) is a moment of celebration, where everyone shares the happiness of their parents.

The ideal is that this event is until the seventh month of pregnancy, because, in case of any unforeseen event in the final months, the family has everything ready.

For the organization of the tea, the ordering of invitations, decoration, sweets, snacks, drinks, souvenirs and the preparation of games should be on the couple’s radar.

As it is being prepared, the baby’s room becomes a sweet environment of tenderness and peace. The colors, shapes, smell and sounds contribute to the expectation of first-time dads to increase even more.

They, in turn, need to take care of cleaning, lighting the painting in the new room, as well as purchasing cribs, wardrobes, toys and other accessories.

The advantages of a loan during the couple’s preparation

The advantages of a loan during the couple

Although many items for the initial care of the child are given as gifts, dads and moms need to pay a good amount while preparing for the big day.

Faced with so many purchases that need to be made before the arrival of the first child, what to do if the couple’s savings are insufficient?

The various credit options on the market are an excellent alternative!

With a , for example, you can:

• immediately increase the family’s purchasing power;

• settle any pre-existing financial issues;

• organize home finances;

• ensure an important emergency reserve.

The presents itself as a powerful solution for the couple to prepare themselves and make everything right for the arrival of the new family member.

Main types of personal credit

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However, it is necessary to research the various types of personal credit before deciding to hire.

An important piece of information that must be considered is the CET ( Total Effective Cost ), which represents the total expenses and charges of the credit operation.

Thus, it is possible for the proposals offered by financial institutions to be compared after simulation .

The credit programs available on the market currently offer special rates for certain profiles, such as:

• employees of private companies;

• INSS retirees and pensioners;

• military servants of the Armed Forces;

• federal, state and municipal civil servants;

• Legislative and Judicial servants.

In addition, in the best institutions it is possible to contract s quickly and simply. Here are some advantages:

• release of amounts directly into the account;

• smaller installments for payment via automatic debit;

• choosing the best date for payment slip;

• up to 8 years to pay – depending on the modality.

As you can see, the period before the birth of the first child can be even better if dads prepare themselves by organizing household finances and anticipating essential purchases for the baby.

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