Cash loans: calculation of loan rate

Calculating a loan and its installments need not be a big science , although it sometimes seems like you need a degree in economics to be able to do that. Calculating a cash loan rate with a Good Finance bank loan calculator has never been easier, and the great advantage is that it is available online.

With ease of use, it gives you an insight into the actual state of the repayment plan and the costs you can expect. With it you will not experience any inconvenience or unexpected expenses that are nowadays hidden in almost every business.

How to Calculate Cash Credit 


Online credit calculators work by entering three of the four credit items into them to calculate a fourth . So, for example, if you want to calculate the loan interest rate, enter the loan amount, loan duration and annuity.

Good Finance Bank ‘s loan calculator is much simpler than the rest. With the slider provided, you choose the amount of money and the payment term and automatically see what the terms of the loan are and all the important amounts: the amount of the loan principal, the premium, your total loan cost, the amount of the monthly installment, and the EIR.

Take advantage of the free cash loan promotional campaign


Raising a cash loan at Good Finance Bank pays off multiple times and leads to other banks at their convenience . Good Finance Bank provides block and youth loans, so you can become our beneficiary regardless of current economic status.

New customers can take advantage of the great offer and get free cash loans , ie loans up to 3000 kuna with 0 kuna costs, with a repayment period of up to 30 days.

Adjust fast online cash loans to your liking, and expect payment immediately – 15 minutes after your credit application is received.

Benefits of a loan calculator


Using the Good Finance Bank loan calculator, our customers can determine the full repayment amount for an online loan. Quite simply, with the help of the slider on the credit calculator, select the amount of cash loan, and then use the next slider to choose how many days you want to repay the loan . The credit calculator will then calculate for itself what the possible bank fee will be and you will be able to see what the total cost of your loan will be.

Using the slider, you can adjust your credit as you see fit . You can change the number of days or the amount of money until you get the kind of loan that will be easiest to repay. That way it will be tailored to your liking.